What is the average salary of a hospitality industry student?

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Hospitality industry is an umbrella term in which there are various levels of job opportunities which include hotel managers, restaurant managers, event planners, lodging managers, human resources manager, and so on. As the job titles differ, so does other aspects such as education, training, duties as well.as salaries differ. Depending upon the employer and the role you are bestowed upon, the salary of a hospitality industry student varies. As the industry is expanding with more than 12 million people working in this field, many of them wonder about the salary that is paid to them. So in this competitive industry of tourism and hotel management you can earn handsome money with the right and proper education.

The starting salary in hospitality industry varies depending on many factors, but the usual pay is between INR 3.2 lakh to INR 4.5 lakh per year. The average salary of a lodging manager is around $49,000 whereas a gaming manager and a catering manager earn around INR 25,000 and INR 35,000 respectively annually. As you pass each year with more experience added to your profile you will add more money to your pocket. Also depending on the location you are employed, your salary might change depending on the demand of these jobs in that particular location. It can be deduced from the above facts that the industry offers a great earning potential. Apart from a hike in salary, one can also enjoy various incentives and perquisites.

Tourism industry, a sub division of hospitality, has various opportunities and the salary for graduates of  tourism degrees is around INR 4.8 lakh annually.This salary is also subject to change due to education and experience. Tourism has a wide scope in today’s economy and the most sort out jobs include restaurant managers and event planners. Travel agents are also in high demand and they too earn lucrative money.

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