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What is Retail Management ? – Suppose you have an important upcoming function, but you don’t have the outfit and accessories to match it. What would you do? Obviously, you would visit a mall and/or a store. Whatever our need be, we approach such stores or malls, which are known in business language as ‘retail’ stores.  Thus the term retail refers to the small-scale sale of goods to the public for their everyday life.


How do the goods reach the retailers and how do the retailers ensure complete satisfaction for the customers? All the processes or operations that ultimately lead the customers to come and purchase from various stores is referred to as retail management.

On visiting a store, one can either be satisfied and happy, hence becoming a regular customer, or dissatisfied and irritated, refusing to do business there. Retail management ensures that the customers are attended to their needs and that they leave the shop with utmost happiness and satisfaction.


Shopping has now become more of a habit than a hobby. Earlier, retail was confined to selling in the market places or stores, or asdoor-to-door delivery. But now the retail industry has expanded its marketing network and has made online shopping, electronic payments and courier deliveries possible.

How does a store manager increase the flow of customers to his store? Of course, through advertisements. How or what do they advertise? Our society is accustomed to begin a day by reading newspaper.Newspapers reserve numerous tight spots for different kinds of advertisements, of various brands and stores, say, announcing ‘Latest Arrivals’, ‘Discount Sales’, ‘Annual Sales’ etc. Who would resist coming to these stores by seeing these advertisements? The advertisements are usually made in such a way that it is impossible for the readers to miss them. So if you want to make a career in retail management you need to understand the nature of different brands and also many marketing strategies in order to lure the customers into your store. It is the duty and responsibility of the store managers to check whether the products are shown according to the customer’s preference. One must also be aware of various brands and the offers they put forward.


Now, if you have decided upon retail management as your career, there are number of opportunities awaiting you. It is not necessary to have a degree for retail careers. Be clear and focused on which area you want to excel and do a thorough research on it; be it sales jobs , merchandising jobs or store manager jobs. If you put in the right effort you could reach great heights in this industry. You could start from a floor manager position or a sales manager position and eventually make your way up. With the right degree or certificate you can be a retail manager.  The main qualities required to be a retail manager include leadership qualities and excellent customer service skills. Like any another job, you must showcase your skills and achievements in your resume and then prepare for your interview. You will be recruited to malls , supermarkets and other branded stores if you are selected. There are many institutions offering the courses in retail management which will help you to climb the ladder in this industry. Keep your eyes wide open and grab the opportunity you first chance upon.

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