Introduction of S.H.A.H.I – Aviation, Hospitality & Retail Management


Sky High Aviation & Hospitality Institute helps you in getting suitable well paid jobs in hospitality management , retail management and aviation management with proper training and custom made course .

During your study time, This is the question faced by almost every student who is in their 12th grade. Who wouldn’t wish to change from the said path of becoming doctors or engineers, if given a chance? And the chance is here for all the aspirants who wish to make an astounding career in hospitality management. If you are passionate about hospitality management, you don’t have to inquire further, as Sky High Aviation & Hospitality Institute is here to guide and train you in all the aspects related to it. We offer latest training curriculum and techniques so that the candidates are well prepared to meet the needs of the ever-changing demands of the industry. Moreover, if you want to excel in Airline industry or in Retail industry, we are here with open arms to nurture you into apt beings that fits your passion. Take a leap towards your dream by joining Sky High Aviation & Hospitality Institute. An array of experienced professionals await you here at Sky High Aviation & Hospitality Institute to make your dream come true.

The perks of joining Sky High Aviation & Hospitality Institute does not end here, as it also focuses on refining the skills of the aspirants and delivering them to the apt place. This includes providing training on placements to ensure that they get through an interview. There is also various IT recruitment that makes the best fit for those aspiring for the Airline and Airport management. Furthermore, the non IT recruitment focuses on developing communication and interpersonal skills that make them best in the art of promoting sales and providing customer satisfaction. We cultivate the skills of the aspirants as per the needs of the industry and we provide a formal screening to boost the confidence of the candidates before they attempt the interview.


Keeping in mind the needs of the industry, we offer courses in

  1. Hospitality Management
  2. Aviation Management
  3. Retail Management.


1. Hospitality management

Hospitality Management refers to management of hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, and other institutions in the hospitality industry, and it refers as well as to the study of the hospitality industry and its management needs. The hospitality industry is one that is primarily focused on customer satisfaction, which usually leads to customer loyalty, which in turn helps to ensure the success of a company in this industry.


Those who work in the hospitality management are to possess excellent customer service skills, and also the ability to be tough but fair, when it comes to the manager posts. The ones who can think quick, who like working with the public, and who enjoy solving puzzles may enjoy employment in this field.

Our training constitutes various modules to equip the students for the best:

As an introduction, the students are given basic ideas about the hospitality management, focusing on its nature and how it contributes to the growth of the wide tourism sector.

In the Customer Service, Accommodation, Food and Beverages and Technology Sector, the students are trained to provide their best in satisfying the customers and consumers, directly and indirectly.

2. Aviation Management

Civil Aviation represents all non-military aviation, both private and commercial. India is the fourth largest civil aviation market in the world having a potential of becoming third largest aviation market by 2020. Civil Aviation Management course provides the essentials for civil aviation authority managers and operational staff to effectively perform their jobs in their Civil Aviation Authority.

This course includes various sectors of the aviation industry which enable the students to handle matters from the Ground OperationsPassenger Handling ProceduresCargo/Mail Handling ProceduresAircraft Handling ProceduresAirside Safety Procedures, to the National Aviation Authority sector, in well efficient manner.

3. Retail Management

The various processes which help the customers to procure the desired merchandise from the retail stores for their end use refer to retail management. Retail management includes all the steps required to bring the customers into the store and fulfil their buying needs, making shopping a pleasurable experience and ensuring that the customers leave the store with a smile.

The students are given detailed ideas regarding the Retail Management, RetailCross and Visual MerchandisingCategory Management and Retail Marketing techniques, where the steps for the consumers to be made aware of the new and/or improved products are dealt with, which includes advertising and promotion of the products.


Sky High Aviation & Hospitality Institute owes its immense growth to its founders AKHIL VAISHNAV and head of training PREETI LAMBA.

Akhil’s graduation in Engineering never quenched his super-active mind, and as a result, he ended up joining one of the leading recruitment firms of UK, where he seeded and rooted their IT recruitment division in Bangalore. Later he worked for a hospitality recruiter specializing in placing senior professionals with top 50 properties. Akhil  laid the groundwork for the Sky High Aviation & Hospitality Institute at Bangalore, for IT, Hospitality and Aviation recruitment and Payroll services, where he serves as the Managing Director.

Preeti Lamba, having worked with large clients in India and EMEA, she is also responsible for the academic initiatives on Source, Train and Deploy models.Travelled around the world having served in Aviation, Retail and Hospitality for over 15 years. Now training aspiring candidates who would like to make a career in the same. Preeti works on Niche offerings for clients in the areas of hospitality, aviation, assessments, recruitment and campus drives.


We have undertaken the mission of providing standard and quality training to young aspirants who wish to leave an indelible mark on their chosen paths. Our services are twofold in the sense that, by giving quality training to the candidates we are actually providing qualified professionals to the industry. We also develop a strong relationship with our students that remain intact even after the trainings and placements.

What are you waiting for! Come join us and make the journey a memorable and successful one!

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