Introduction of S.H.A.H.I – Aviation, Hospitality & Retail Management

Sky High Aviation & Hospitality Institute helps you in getting suitable well paid jobs in hospitality management , retail management and aviation management with proper training and custom made course . During your study time, This is the question faced by almost every student who is in their 12th grade. Who wouldn’t wish to change from


What is Hospitality Management ?

Ever wondered about what happens behind the working of any hospitality industry, be it any restaurants, hotels or travel agencies? The backbone of these industries lies in the hands of those who manages these areas with their impeccable attitude in dealing with the difficulties arising within the industry.  Now, it has been imbibed in our


How to Get A Job In Hospitality Management | Hospitality Careers

Hospitality industry is spread vastly and there are many number of opportunities awaiting for those who wish to make an astounding career in it. Although many of us are interested in or rather aware of only tourism, food services or event planning as the only outcomes from hospitality industry, there are other areas in which


Career in Hotel and Hospitality Management

Modernization is a consequence of urbanization, industrialization and globalization, all going hand in hand. While all these are the result of science and technology, their consequences led to the nourishment of many other professions, one of them being hotel management. Hotel management is a globally accepted professional career field as well as an academic field


What is Retail Management ? | S.H.A.H.I.

What is Retail Management ? – Suppose you have an important upcoming function, but you don’t have the outfit and accessories to match it. What would you do? Obviously, you would visit a mall and/or a store. Whatever our need be, we approach such stores or malls, which are known in business language as ‘retail’


What is the average salary of a hospitality industry student?

Hospitality industry is an umbrella term in which there are various levels of job opportunities which include hotel managers, restaurant managers, event planners, lodging managers, human resources manager, and so on. As the job titles differ, so does other aspects such as education, training, duties as salaries differ. Depending upon the employer and the